Monday, March 7, 2011

-A Visit From The Sorah's-

Yay! Lisa, Emme and Rusty got to visit for over a week! They came to stay while Rusty preached for us. He ended up preaching 2 weekends, and he did awesome every service! That is my honest, unbiased opinion, too. We did a variety of things like staying in our pj's until 2 PM, eating, walking to the park, playing the Wii, cooking, playing tennis, more eating, shopping, etc. It was so fun. Rusty painted my living room for me, its a deep ocean blue/turquoise, but looks more like boring navy in the pic below. Can't wait to upholster my furniture to match the decor! Emme was really getting used to seeing me every day, she was starting to reach for me a few days before they had to sad! :( I know Lacie misses her. Emme kept her well-fed by sending flying particles of food down from her high chair. They were inseparable while Emme was here, they played so good together. Miss them already..........Hope it's not too long before we can do it again!

-Lacie, Pre-Groomers-

-Lacie Pouting/Post-Groomers-

-Big Girl-

-Woohoo, Going Down The Slide-

-Pretty Sunset-

-Living Room Walls-


-Tyler & Rusty Discussing Who Knows What-

-Tante, Emme & Uncle Ty-

-So Happy-

-Serious BFF's-

Friday, January 28, 2011

-Fall Domerese Pics '10-

We took some fall pictures before Thanksgiving and I'm just now posting some of my favorites. Enjoy!

-The Domerese Family-

-Ronnie & Debi-

-Derek & Andrea-


-The Mr. & Mrs.-

Friday, January 14, 2011

-Winter Wonderland-

Too bad it's too cold to even go outside, sure looks like sledding weather. I'm not inclined to say much of anything here since I've come to believe that I'm the only one reading my blog anyway. But, I just wanted to share these pictures with my audience of one because I thought they were pretty. I hope I enjoy them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

-Christmas Catch-Up-

Well, it's come and it's gone before we knew it. No more presents to open, no more parties to attend, no more eggnog and pumpkin pie. But, there's aways next Christmas. Maybe next time I really will start buying Christmas gifts in August. Lisa, Rusty and Emme came and stayed the Wednesday night before Christmas, it was nice to see some of my family around Christmas time. We spent Christmas Eve doing some shopping at the Plaza, dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and home to open presents. Christmas morning Tyler & I(and Lacie!) exchanged gifts and we had Christmas Dinner with his parents. With some light snow outside it was perfect Christmas weather. Unfortunately, I did cross paths with a couple Scrooges and a few Grinches since my last post, but I chose to rise above them and refused to let them ruin my Christmas spirit! If we are celebrating Jesus' birth, then why are some people so cranky? I can't understand it. But anyway, it was a good holiday for me, and I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!


-Gingerbread Village at Crown Center-

-At the Domerese Christmas Dinner-

-Christmas Eve Aftermath-

-Drinking our Bubbly (Sparkling Cider)-

-Trying out one of Colton's Gifts-

-One of Lacie's Presents-

-Christmas Day Dinner Menu (The chalkboard was Debi's gift from us)*-

-Table set for Four-

- Yum-

*Will be selling these chalkboards on soon!

Monday, December 6, 2010

-It's Christmastime!-

Yep, Christmas is now upon us. I was so disgusted when all the stores started pumping out Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music in August but now I can kinda see why. I waited too long and now all the decorations I wanted are picked over and sold out. Oh well, more money towards my Christmas gift! : p I semi-decorated for Christmas this year. I really didn't want to bother with a real tree and the mess it makes. Not to mention Lacie likes to chew the bottom branches off and any ornaments she can get ahold of. She killed about six of those white feathery birds last year from our tree. I love Christmas, I just won't have anyone over until I feel that everything in my house is marked 'complete'! So, hence my half-hearted decorating. We went ice-skating Thanksgiving weekend at Crown Center and it was so fun, Tyler 'hates' ice-skating but he held my hand around and around the rink about 50 times. I was grateful. Anyway, before I get really busy and forget to say it, Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends! And please let's not be Scrooges or Grinches, no one likes grumpy people at Christmastime so let's be jolly and crank up Harry Connick and bake all the peppermint this-and-that and drink spiced cider and do whatever it takes to make it feel like Christmas. That's what I'm gonna do for sure! Yay, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tyler & I @ the Ice-Skating Rink
Lindsie & I
My New, Adorable Vintage Hutch

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Grandpa, Me, Mom, Emme and everyone else who had a November birthday! I must say, November is getting a little crowded. Now Emme rules the November birthday party for all time! : p That is unless we have another baby in the family who lands right in the middle of November. I'm hoping not, I'm pretty selfish when it comes to celebrating my birthday! I was able to enjoy my own party at Tyler's parents house, which was nice.

-I love birthday parties-

-My cake that Debi made for me-

-Mom's birthday @ Sophia's Thai Cuisine-

-Miss Emme's 1st birthday cake-