Monday, March 7, 2011

-A Visit From The Sorah's-

Yay! Lisa, Emme and Rusty got to visit for over a week! They came to stay while Rusty preached for us. He ended up preaching 2 weekends, and he did awesome every service! That is my honest, unbiased opinion, too. We did a variety of things like staying in our pj's until 2 PM, eating, walking to the park, playing the Wii, cooking, playing tennis, more eating, shopping, etc. It was so fun. Rusty painted my living room for me, its a deep ocean blue/turquoise, but looks more like boring navy in the pic below. Can't wait to upholster my furniture to match the decor! Emme was really getting used to seeing me every day, she was starting to reach for me a few days before they had to sad! :( I know Lacie misses her. Emme kept her well-fed by sending flying particles of food down from her high chair. They were inseparable while Emme was here, they played so good together. Miss them already..........Hope it's not too long before we can do it again!

-Lacie, Pre-Groomers-

-Lacie Pouting/Post-Groomers-

-Big Girl-

-Woohoo, Going Down The Slide-

-Pretty Sunset-

-Living Room Walls-


-Tyler & Rusty Discussing Who Knows What-

-Tante, Emme & Uncle Ty-

-So Happy-

-Serious BFF's-

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  1. Im glad you got to see Lisa,Emme and Rusty
    I wish we could see them too!